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Protect Your Home From the Dangers of Lightning Strikes

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

multiple lightning strikes off in distance of dark purple night sky If you are dealing with smoke or fire damage from a recent fire, call SERVPRO of Putnam County to learn about a restoration solution for your issue.

Protect Your Putnam Home From the Dangers of Lightning Strikes

More than 70,000 damage claims resulting from lightning strikes were made in 2020. While it is relatively uncommon for us humans to be struck by lightning, your property is considerably more vulnerable. And when lightning does hit, it has the power to wipe out your electricity, destroy trees and even ignite a fire.

Fire damage in your Putnam home can be avoided; with the right fire safety gear, you can essentially guarantee your safety and safeguard your family. But while house fires frequently begin while cooking in the kitchen, your house is also at risk from natural hazards that are harder to prevent.

Approximately 6,000 lightning strikes are thought to occur per minute. This indicates that we could all be impacted by this hazard, and we should all be equipped to defend our houses and ourselves in the event of a storm.

What Is Lightning?

Lightning is a massive flash of electrical current between clouds in the air and the ground. While lightning is always present during thunderstorms, it can also occur during volcanic eruptions, violent wildfires, and even severe snowstorms.

Although we equate lighting with extreme storms, it can strike even when the skies appear clear and the air is calm. “Dry lightning” occurs when there is no rain, which is hazardous since it commonly sparks wildfires.

So, as we prepare for the risk of hazardous weather, we should also plan for potential fires.

Protecting Your Home From Lightning Fires

Lightning strikes could cause substantial damage to your property, including fires. When your home is struck, flames may ignite immediately due to the high temperature of the strike or the electrical charge caused by the strike.

When a fire begins due to a hit, it may not be instantly apparent as it will usually start behind your walls or in your attic. Inspect for burning after the strike, and notify the fire department when you spot black streaks or smell smoke.

A tool that can be useful when preventing lightning-related fires is a lightning rod. This metal pole creates a channel that directs the electrical current and heat produced by the impact straight into the ground.

When Lightning Strikes Nearby

Lighting is a frequent source of ignition for outdoor fires like wildfires. Varying parts of the country experience “peak” seasons for lightning fires, but around 9,000 fires are sparked each year by lightning.

Keep your property safe from the impact of lighting, keep a tidy yard free of decaying plants or excess debris, and utilize defensible zones to safeguard your property. Install smoke alarms in your home so you’ll be instantly notified if a fire starts.

Our team at SERVPRO specializes in fire damage restoration and can make the brutal aftermath of a fire much easier on you. Through specialized training and cutting-edge equipment, we can quickly restore any damage caused by flames and smoke. We will return you to your home as soon as we can.

Have you experienced smoke or fire damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Putnam County today at (845) 228-1090 to get the restoration finished fast.

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