Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in a Ceiling--Carmel, NY

The disadvantage of concealed plumbing within structural voids is shown in this Before Photo. The slow drip from the fitting soaked the ceiling in this Carmel h... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Mahopac

If your restaurant, small office building, large retail store, apartment building, or hotel in Mahopac experiences a water damage emergency, our team is ready 2... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Loss in Mahopac, NY

This commercial loss in Brewster New York had flooded due to tornado rains flooding through the doors and windows. The company called us in a few hours after i... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Backup in Putnam County, NY

This affected hallway in this Putnam County New York business was the result of a sewage backup. You can clearly see the extent of the damage done by the back ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Tear out

This home in Brewster New York was affected by a fire in the family room fireplace of the home. The homeowner called in SERVPRO of Putnam County to help assist ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Putnam County

This home in Putnam County, NY was affected by a terrible fire. The home owner called in SERVPRO of Putnam County not long after the initial fire occurred and ... READ MORE

House fire in Hudson Valley home causes widespread damage

This house fire started on the main level of the home and affected the entire house, rendering it uninhabitable. After bringing temporary heat and electricity ... READ MORE

Burst pipes cause commercial water damage in Brewster, NY

When this dance studio experienced flooding from a frozen pipe that had burst, the specialty wood floors were severely damaged. The pipes had antifreeze in them... READ MORE

Electrical fire in office space in Carmel, NY

A water cooler in this Carmel, NY office building caused a fire when the GFI outlet it was plugged into malfunctioned. The building and it's contents had fire a... READ MORE

Commercial cleaning at Mount Kisco, NY restaurant

Restaurants can take a beating between the greasy cooking residues, sticky food mess and high volume of customers going in and out every day. Despite staff's b... READ MORE