Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Mahopac Stormy Weather Damage

The finished basement in this Mahopac home suffered significant groundwater flood after a storm. This Category 3, contaminated Black Water, requires special han... READ MORE

Mahopac Storm and Mold Damage

An empty house in Mahopac can sustain plenty of damage over time from flooding and then mold growth. The Before Photo shows the filthy, contaminated groundwater... READ MORE

Frozen pipes burst and cause water damage in Carmel, NY

Because they share walls and ceilings with others, condominium owner's are vulnerable to water damage that is beyond their control. A frozen pipe in an upstair... READ MORE

Burst pipe in vacant home causes water damage

When the hot water pipe burst on the second floor of this Mount Kisco, NY home, it caused significant water damage. After arriving at the home and placing air m... READ MORE

Water Damage from burst pipes in Putnam County

When a winter storm caused the pipes to burst in this Putnam County home, the kitchen was severely damaged. In the photo, you can see the kitchen ceiling has fa... READ MORE

Pipe burst in Mahopac, NY

We received a phone call from the caretaker of a home reporting a pipe that burst while the homeowners were away. As the pipe was on the main level kitchen, the... READ MORE