Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Carmel Water Leak Work

The leak from the adjoining bathroom in this Carmel home dampened the carpet and the concrete pad. Mold growth often accompanies a water loss since the liquid a... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Ceiling--Carmel, NY

The disadvantage of concealed plumbing within structural voids is shown in this Before Photo. The slow drip from the fitting soaked the ceiling in this Carmel h... READ MORE

Water pipe Lake Carmel, NY causes water and mold damage

The homeowners of this Putnam County home were unaware that there was a slow pipe leak behind a kitchen wall until water spots showed through the drywall. The S... READ MORE

Pipe burst in Ossining, NY

When a pipe on the upper level of this Ossining, NY home burst, there was substantial damage to the main level of the house. A main level bathroom and the laund... READ MORE

Pipe burst in Yorktown Heights, NY

In the Northeast, the most common source of water damage is frozen pipes in the wintertime. Often, this occurs in a space that has inadequate or no insulation.... READ MORE

Cold Spring Water Damage

When a pipe burst in this Cold Spring home, half of the upper level, the whole main level and whole basement were affected. All of the walls, carpets, floor t... READ MORE