Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage to Carpet

This water loss affected multiple rooms of carpet and hardwood flooring.  Our technicians followed industry standards when it came to removing the affected materials and getting this homeowner back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Mold in Carmel NY

Proper ventilation in your bathroom is extremely important to help prevent against mold growth. In this Carmel New York home, you can see just how improper ventilation mixed with a slow leak can lead to mold growth.

Frozen pipes burst in Mahopac, NY

During a cold night in Mahopac, the pipes of this Putnam County home burst. Upon receiving the call, the SERVPRO crew was there quickly to remove the damaged drywall and dry out the area. 

Water damage in Mahopac, NY

A burst pipe in the kitchen of this 1940 home required removal of the flooring. There were 4 layers of flooring that had to be removed. Sometimes, we don't know what we wil find when we start peeling back the layers of an older home!

We save wood and tile floors with our floor mat system

One way that we can restore wood and tile flooring and eliminate the need for replacing it is through the use of the floor mat system. We are able to extract the water from the flooring without damage!

All packed up

One of the vital services that we perform when we come to your home after you experience water or fire damage is packing up and storing your belongings during remediation.