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If You Need Restoration Services, You Can Trust Us

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van SERVPRO of Putnam County is your local restoration expert. We are the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration.

At SERVPRO of Putnam County, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced professionals who make all the difference in restoring your home or property. In our line of work, we meet individuals when their lives are turned upside down, and the experience that we bring to the table is important.

Our professionals will work closely with you during the restoration process to have as little disruption as possible to your daily activities as possible following these types of damage.

Water Damage

Did you know floods cause $10 billion in damages nationwide every year? Flooding is something that will likely affect your home at some point in time.

When water overflows into a property, it does not discriminate, and any item within reach is submerged. However, the damage it causes in different items within the affected area varies. It is necessary to follow the right procedures to save valuable items in your property after a water loss incident.

That’s why you need to call up SERVPRO of Putnam County—we have the tools to detect hidden moisture and extract standing water. In addition, we will help you put together a water damage restoration plan to make sure your home is clean, dry, and restored to preloss condition.

Fire Damage

Threats to your home or business can come in all sorts of forms, which is something that home and business owners know all too well. However, have you thought about the threats that a fire could pose?

While often underestimated, fires occur every 23 seconds in the United States and can cause extreme amounts of damage. They caused roughly $8.1 billion in direct property damage and losses nationwide in 2020.

We will help you deal with this damage by performing an inspection and damage assessment and progress through all the necessary, in-between steps before starting repairs and construction.

Storm Damage

During severe weather events, the damage caused by debris can be exacerbated by wind-driven rain entering your home through the hole in the roof. Massive amounts of erosion can also take place.

Oftentimes, the remnants of hurricanes or tropical storms can hit the county due to New York’s proximity to the coast. For example, Tropical Storm Ida led to multiple flooded homes, businesses, and roadways last year.

Storm damage to your home or business is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

We can help. Just one phone call can set you up to get your property back into pre-storm shape quickly, helping you save potentially thousands of dollars and rest easier at night knowing that you’re in good hands.

What Sets SERVPRO Apart?

As a locally owned and operated company, SERVPRO of Putnam County can get to your home quicker.

SERVPRO of Putnam County not only delivers the best restoration services at the most competitive rates to homeowners but also offers commercial services to help property owners recover from extensive water, fire, and storm damages. We have the knowledge to clean and restore your property—and most importantly trust that our team is here for you.

Regardless of the type of damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when you need a dependable team to help you rebuild your life.

Develop a Severe Weather Attack Plan

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

a dark cloudy sky with lighting strikes off in the distance If you discover storm damage to your home or business, reach out to SERVPRO of Putnam County right away.

Extreme weather is a daunting scenario. Thunderstorms can bring about all kinds of dangerous consequences, and considering that there are around 100,000 thunderstorms throughout the United States every year, they happen very often.

In the spring and summer months, extreme changes in heat can trigger severe thunderstorms. Putnam County is an area that can see this issue a lot, as the temperatures can change 20 degrees in a single night.

Even though we can in no way manage the weather, we can take action to prepare for storms. From an emergency kit to a communications strategy to a plan for the aftermath, taking action to put together plans for storms is a critical way to reduce their effect on you and your home.

Your Extreme Weather Communication Strategy

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, having a way to talk with all of your family and being able to receive alerts from officials is essential. You should know the difference between weather watches and warnings so you know if you need to be on the lookout or sheltering from the storm.

It’s also smart to have more than one way to receive alerts from officials, including an NOAA weather radio and your cellphone.

Make sure you’ve got a communication plan in place for your household. Have a delegated safe location in your home that everybody knows to get to in severe weather conditions.

Additionally, make a plan for communicating in case one or more household participants are away from home when a storm strikes. You don’t want to get caught in a situation where you don’t know whether family members are safe or not.

Your Severe Climate Emergency Kit

The best thing you can do to prepare for severe weather is put together an emergency kit, packed with all of the necessities that your family individuals want for a minimum of 72 hours of sheltering in place. It should be stored in your at-home storm shelter location.

The kit, includes nonperishable food, water, flashlights and batteries, first-aid supplies, and all other items anyone in the household might need.

Your After Storm Checklist

After intense weather, it’s critical to make sure you’re taking steps to improve your safety plan and swiftly deal with any damages to your home’s structure. As soon as it’s safe, check your property for damage, paying close attention to your roof and the seals around home windows and doorways.

If you do discover damage, you need a crew of reliable restoration experts! You can find the best in the business at SERVPRO of Putnam County. We will act fast.

When you are able to get all of your household members together, it’s a great idea to do an audit of your whole security plan. Collect feedback on how effective the plan was so that you can improve the plan to keep everybody safer the next time severe weather happens.

If you discover storm damage to your home or business, you can count on SERVPRO to handle the restoration. We’re here 247 to spring into action—get in touch with us today.

Whom Can Mahopac Property Owners Trust for Water Damage Restoration?

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Car in front of the SERVPRO building SERVPRO of Putnam County provides 24-hour fire and water damage restoration service in Mahopac, NY.

Customers Give SERVPRO High Marks for Reputable Water Damage Cleanup in Mahopac

When flooding occurs to Mahopac properties, the time available for residential or commercial owners to react is short and moves at breakneck speed. Minutes count as building materials are incredibly susceptible to severe and progressive water damage. Delays can result in permanent and irreparable harm regardless of the source of the intrusion or its resolution.

  • Fierce winds and heavy precipitation from storms cause leaking roofs or basement flooding resulting in water damage in Mahopac.
  • Exterior storm damage needs securing post-haste, including boarding and tarping up services to keep out unwanted weather.
  • Burst pipes lead to ceiling leaks, drywall destruction, and flooring water damage, most of which talented and trained restoration technicians can restore if contacted and hired quickly.
  • Overwhelmed municipal sanitary systems cannot accept individual properties' wastewater after storms, forcing infectious fluids back into homes or businesses.
  • Clogs from root invasion or years of debris buildup create dirty water and sewer backup and cleanup crises in residences and commercial buildings.

Why Choose SERVPRO to Provide Water Damage Emergency Services?

The SERVPRO team awaits residential and commercial customer calls 24/7, our signature green service vehicles stocked with state-of-the-art specialized equipment, tools, and EPA-registered products to address water damage at the ready. Piloting and accompanying the trucks are the heart of the SERVPRO operation -- crews consisting of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)--trained technicians, schooled and skilled in a wide range of water damage mitigation and remediation strategies.

The IICRC is an international disaster restoration education and standards development organization. SERVPRO chooses to train our employees to the best practices curated by the IICRC because the standards are research-based and proven effective in water damage restoration the world over. The IICRC training our crew members master combines with the years of experience seasoned managers and crew chiefs bring to every water damage or flood restoration. 

How Does SERVPRO's Community-Based Model Benefit Water Damage Victims?

SERVPRO's owners and crews live and thrive in Mahopac, experiencing the same storms, stresses, strains, and triumphs as our commercial and residential customers. We are a local business helping neighbors with everything from ceiling leaks and water damage clean up after a basin overflows to containment and contamination disposal after overland basement flooding and sewage cleanup.

Our daily presence in Mahopac communities supports residents and businesses struggling with water damage and needing removal services, providing solutions today and standing by to answer customer questions tomorrow. We offer innovative resources at our production facility for the unique needs posed by each water disaster and also leverage a nationwide network of affiliated water and flooding cleanup experts if a significant water catastrophe at home or business requires a scaled-up response.

Do not delay your call to SERVPRO of Putnam County at (845) 228-1090 when water damages business or residential property. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, ready to make a water emergency "Like it never even happened."

Should Mahopac Property Owners Rely on Fire Damage Experts?

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Car in front of a firehouse Our skilled technicians have the certifications and training to handle any type or size of fire damage, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Prioritizes Advanced Training for Mahopac Fire Damage Technicians 

The home and business owners of Mahopac take pride in their beautiful, often historic homes and commercial properties nestled in charming towns and hamlets from the highlands and rolling over the hills and valleys between the Hudson River and the Connecticut border. Losing a property to fire damage in Mahopac is truly a loss for individual owners and the communities.

SERVPRO takes seriously its responsibility to assist property owners faced with the devastation posed by smoke and fire damage restoration and clean-up. We seek dedicated workers eager to master advanced fire and smoke restoration coursework from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC international standards form the foundation for the best practices used to make the aftermath of fire damage in Mahopac “Like it never even happened.”

What Are the Benefits When Water and Fire Damage Restoration Companies Invest in High-End Equipment and Updates?

SERVPRO managers and technicians rely heavily on research-based fire damage restoration training. However, implementing best practices while delivering water, fire, and smoke damage mitigation and remediation tactics depends on effective and superior quality fire damage recovery equipment, tools, and products. 

  • Air Quality

The smoke filling a home or business during and after fire damage is removed using a range of air-moving devices to exhaust the smoke. Negative pressure air scrubbing technology often uses suction to trap soot particles within HEPA filters before venting to the outside.

  •  Water Removal

The quantity of water used to extinguish a fire can be substantial, and SERVPRO has the submersible pumps, portable and truck-mounted extractors, and other tools to remove it. Fire damage debris contaminates the fluids, so our trained crews contain the watery residues for lawful disposal.

  • Fire Residue Removal

The heat and flames that create fire damage combust building materials and contents, creating a variety of soots that soil surfaces depending on the fuel. SERVPRO’s IICRC-trained technicians match the soots to appropriate cleaning products and the tools that facilitate the fire damage removal. The four elements of cleaning mastered by technicians using the equipment include:

  • Chemical action--the composition of the cleaner helps dissolve or emulsify the fire damage residues.
  • Agitation--scrubbing with tools fashioned with gentle to heavily abrasive features (feather dusters to steel wool or ridged scrapers) to loosen adhered soils.
  • Temperature--heat raised judiciously increases the speed of chemical actions.
  • Time--referred to as “dwell time,” permits cleaning solutions to soak into the soiling to release the bond between the affected surface and the fire damage.

Those living and working in the region take solace that SERVPRO of Putnam County is committed to providing water and fire damage restorations of the highest caliber. Call (845) 228-1090 to schedule an assessment and plan for business and house fire clean-up.

Need Mold Damage Answers for Mahopac Homes and Businesses?

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

EPA logo on a white background Mold remediation is a job for SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians have all the training and equipment for any size disaster.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation in Mahopac Uses EPA Research-Based Protocols

Property owners in Mahopac find mold growth a constant worry, struggling to remove it in both residences and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, the remedies commonly used by even the most professional housekeepers and cleaning companies can accelerate mold damage.

Rather than battle endlessly with mold and the destruction it causes to building materials and contents, seek out the expertise of SERVPRO and our licensed and certified mold damage remediation technicians in Mahopac. We use scientifically proven methods to eradicate currently growing colonies and to inhibit the rebound effect, avoiding new microbial growth despite the impossibility of eliminating all spores.

How Can DIY Mold Removal Approaches Make the Problem Worse?

Property owners and their cleaning crews often rely upon a diluted bleach solution as the primary attack on colonies of mold damage. Although bleach can kill surface microorganisms and lighten any staining, the hyphae, root-like structures making up the fungus, extend far into porous structural components. The water in the bleach solution soaks into the materials but often fails to reach all the hyphae, which then regenerate into new mold damage. Water from the cleaning solution accelerates the growth as all mold needs to live is a source of moisture and air.

Can Mold Damage Remediation Improve Mahopac Property Outcomes?

Mahopac businesses and individuals understandably want a long-term and sustainable intervention to mold damage, remove current outbreaks, and avoid future issues. SERVPRO employs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procedures to reach these goals, managing mold damage by:

  • Locating mold damage inside the residence or commercial spaces -- SERVPRO can arrange for testing if owners have concerns about the involvement of building cavities
  • Containing the affected area and using personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent dispersal of residues for technician and occupant safety and to limit the spread of the damage
  • Wrapping the space in 1.6 mil polyethylene
  • Setting up negative pressure air scrubbing technology to force contaminants through HEPA filters before exhausting to the outside
  • Mechanically removing the mold damage from non-porous surfaces using brushes, scrapers, and scrubbers.
  • Adjusting mold removal for porous materials by adding a gentle abrasive option, usually adapting blasting technology to use soda, dry ice, or corn to remove mold damage and incapacitate the hyphae to inhibit microbial rebound
  • Vacuuming and wiping up debris for double-bagging
  • Disposing of mold and ruined materials according to local hazardous-waste regulations
  • Applying EPA-registered cleaning solutions and antimicrobials to decrease the likelihood of mold damage recurring on surfaces

Is Moisture Management Crucial to Mold Damage Remediation?

Mahopac residents and businesses wisely choose to hire SERVPRO for mold damage consultation and remediation. Our familiarity with water damage tracing, mitigation, and structural drying ensures that spores endemic in buildings have little chance of growing and damaging structures or contents.

When arranging for mold damage remediation in our communities, be confident that SERVPRO of Putnam County has home and commercial buildings covered. Give us a call at (845) 228-1090 to schedule an evaluation and agree on a plan.

Emergency Actions Before Fire Damage Restoration in Mahopac Homes

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and soot damage on wall Fires leave smoke and soot damage behind. But no worries! SERVPRO can tackle the damage.

Early Mitigation Helps Fire Damage Restoration for Mahopac Properties

Fire recovery and restoration is often a complicated and involved process utilizing multiple tools of our inventory and strategies of our experienced FSRT-Certified technicians. Before much of this restoration work can begin, however, there are often pressing concerns in the residence that must be addressed through a series of emergency services our rapid response team can complete. Using a combination of experienced mitigators and our general contractor license, we can prepare a property for fire restoration. 

Clearing Fire Debris

Among the first obstacles to restoring fire damage in Mahopac homes is the present debris and bulk materials throughout the structure. Combustion destroys many materials and surfaces, leaving behind harmful byproducts that negatively impact the property. Debris removal focuses on:

  • Ash
  • Soot
  • Smoke Solids
  • Charred Materials

Indoor Air Quality

Airborne contaminants are another concern for responding technicians. These migrating carcinogenic products or toxic solids can be hazardous for the house's occupants, and it can create a volatile environment for even our experienced restorers. Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) begins with the calculated placement of HEPA 500 air scrubbers. These units trap solids and microscopic contaminants to make a worksite safer. 

Controlled Demolition and Temporary Construction

Structural concerns are another focus of the emergency response team, and this is where our contractor license benefits the homeowner and their respective residences. A damaged structure should be removed when it cannot be repaired. The controlled demolition process and temporary construction solutions should be completed before other mitigation actions. 

Content Relocation

Whether it is removing carpeting from a fire damaged living room or cleaning surfaces of a kitchen, the loose contents of a workspace are an obstacle to the restoration process. It is often advisable to relocate these belongings to a safe place on the premises or transport them to our SERVPRO facility if focused cleaning and restoration is necessary. 

Fire damage must be managed quickly, so getting emergency services started fast helps Mahopac homes. Our SERVPRO of Putnam County team is ready to mobilize 24/7 when you call (845) 228-1090.

What Everyone Must Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Mahopac

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

outside view of storm damage; tree down; and another tree cut up Floods and storms can be extremely challenging to clean up without the right knowledge and equipment. Save yourself the headache and contact SERVPRO.

Flash Flooding Can Threaten Mahopac Homes

Flash flooding is a phenomenon that is more and more common in the Mahopac area as years go by and is as challenging as ever to protect your property adequately. With so many properties in the valleys and the lower-lying regions throughout this region of the Hudson Valley, flash flooding can send massive waves of dangerous water toward neighborhoods, causing substantial damage to structures. With the speed that homes can become damaged by this powerful force, it is essential to reach out to trained responders like our team so that the right equipment and personnel get in route immediately to help.

Our professionals have considerable experience with the flood damage occurring in Mahopac, arriving with a broad inventory of recovery equipment designed to address the most pressing concerns within a flooded house. Flash floods can often bring contaminants, mud, debris, and other hazardous substances into a property depending on the path it travels to reach the residence. Damage assessment is one of the most critical restoration phases. It shows both our SERVPRO team and the homeowners what must get accomplished to return a compromised property to preloss condition.

When our team first arrives at your home during the emergency, we work to establish the damage boundaries to get the appropriate containment strategies started. In flooding situations, it is critical to prevent the spread of contaminated water to new areas of the property when possible to protect and preserve as much of the original construction materials and contents as we can.

Our SERVPRO estimator takes the time to determine the full extent of the damage while mitigation work gets underway to remove standing water. In black water situations where contaminants could be present, the solution is often to remove materials that could house bacteria and germs rather than attempt to restore or clean them.

Flash floods can create multiple problems for a single residence within its path. Our SERVPRO of Putnam County rapid response team has the expertise to get effective mitigation and restoration started immediately upon our arrival. Give our professionals a call anytime at (845) 228-1090 to make flooding “Like it never even happened.”

The Complete Guide to Water Damage in Mahopac

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged cinder blocks in basement Whether water damage has affected the foundation or other parts of your home, the best recourse is to contact SERVPRO for water damage remediation.

Untreated Water Damage in Mahopac Can Lead to These Safety Risks

Water damage to your Mahopac home may not seem significant at first but can have significant consequences if left untreated. Some of these long-term damages may even pose safety hazards or be challenging to repair without special protective equipment and efforts. Services like SERVPRO exist to help solve water damage crises with minimal risk of additional problems developing later. If necessary, we can also come in to take care of any lasting after-effects that may have beset your home.

Damaged Foundations

One of the most expensive possible consequences of water damage in your Mahopac home is damage to the building's foundation and structural components. When significant amounts of water seep into foundations and other supporting elements of the structure, they can form cracks and break down materials, potentially leading to a collapse if left untreated. Foundational restorations are costly and time-consuming, so your best bet is to avoid them entirely by calling SERVPRO soon after the initial damage occurs.

Mold Growth 

Mold can start to grow from even the most minor types of water damage, such as leaks below a sink or behind a wall. With just a bit of excess water, large fungal colonies can start to take over your home and may cause health effects. Signs of mold growth include discoloration of any materials in your home and a foul, musty odor originating from an area of damage. SERVPRO technicians use preventative anti-mold treatments and products to keep your home secured against mold infestations after a water damage incident.

Electrical Damage

Some water damage scenarios can cause damage to electrical lines and features within the home. While most of these issues result in nothing more than a few dead power outlets, they can also create fire hazards in your home. Many cases of water damage we see happen in the kitchen, where electronic appliances may soak up water and create a fire hazard. Our safety inspectors can help identify these threats and provide recommendations on handling any risks they see.

SERVPRO of Putnam County can help you take care of water damage in your home before anything else can happen. Call us as soon as possible after an incident at (845) 228-1090.

A Water Damage Timeline

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

a bathroom sink showing signs of a water leak No matter the damage sustained, SERVPRO of Putnam County has the tools and team to quickly help your home return to a normal state.

A leaky tap in your master bath may seem insignificant at the moment but never underestimate the destructive effects moisture can have on your home. An average household leak can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water in a year.

The length of time a property is exposed to water determines the extent of its destruction. Understanding how quickly water damage spreads can motivate homeowners and business owners to promptly address a water damage issue sooner rather than later.

In the First 24 Hours

If you live in a house, there is a one in four chance of a flood causing damage within a 30-year period in a high-risk area. Knowing what to do next is essential.

The first 24 to 48 hours after flooding or water damage are crucial. Certain items will immediately fall victim to water’s disastrous effects.

Soft furnishings and upholstery will soak through, and wooden structures can swell from the moisture. Personal belongings like books and photographs are especially vulnerable to warping beyond repair.

In addition, mold can begin to develop within this timeframe. Quick action is essential.

SERVPRO’s expertise and “restore vs. replace” mentality can help you save money while preserving precious keepsakes that can’t be replaced. If any materials cannot be successfully restored, this will be communicated to you. These materials are typically removed as soon as possible to expedite the drying of all restorable materials.

Within the First Week

After the first 24 hours, water damage will progress further and quickly. Mold can spread like wildfire with excessive moisture. As mold sets in, it can even damage the home’s structure.

Take, for example, a Putnam County couple who, upon returning from a weeklong vacation, discover a water-logged home. The pipes burst during the homeowners’ absence. Within 48 hours to a week, mold spores will colonize the moist space. Doors and windows swell and warp, making them difficult to open.

After One Week

You want to avoid letting moisture sit for an extended period at all costs because some effects may be catastrophic or irreversible. As time goes on, the costs and efforts to restore the structure will increase significantly, and the risks associated with structural damage are greater.

How SERVPRO Will Help

SERVPRO’s restoration process begins with the first call, preferably within the first 24 hours. Service work normally starts with a thorough extraction of water. This helps prevent the spread of water in the structure and reduces drying time.

Floors, furniture, and other belongings will likely require cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization. After the bulk of the water has been removed, our specialists will use industry-leading drying equipment to remove the water you can’t see.

After these initial steps, your home may need construction work to get your property back to its preloss condition. This step could include minor repairs or rebuilding entire areas of your home.

We can simplify the restoration process by handling the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas. SERVPRO will keep you up to date on every step and have you back in your home or business in no time.

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.

There Is 1 of 4 Causes Behind Every Flood

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

a street completely submerged in water with a flood warning sign sitting in roadway Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO of Putnam County has the team to help you recover from any disastrous event.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster, and it claims more lives in the United States per year than hurricanes, tornadoes, or lightning. It can affect everything from individual homes where property collects excess water to vast swaths of communities and cities.

While flooding affects all 50 states and every U.S. territory, there are similarities in the types and reasons behind each flood. In general, three types of flooding occur for four different reasons.

3 Types of Natural Flooding

Flash floods are common, and they happen when heavy rain passes or sits over an area and overwhelms the ability of the ground to contain the moisture. Excess water runs off and takes garbage cans, cars, and more.

River floods are exactly what they sound like. When there’s too much water for a river’s banks to hold, the water spills over the sides and causes destruction.

Coastal floods happen in areas next to large bodies of water when storm surges or cyclonic activity causes ocean or gulf levels to rise to flood levels.

The 4 Most Common Causes of Natural Flooding

Heavy rainfall. Storms with excessive rainfall, or storms that sit and rest over an area for an extended period, can cause flash floods or river flooding. Urban areas are more at risk for rain floods because the higher percentage of concrete and asphalt means there’s a lack of soil to soak up all that water.

Oceanic activity. Storm surges, hurricanes, and rising tides can cause water levels to rise in waves, invading coastal communities and wreaking havoc. In September 2021, as the flooding from Hurricane Ida subsided, death and devastation were revealed. Remnants of Hurricane Ida were blamed for 25 deaths between Maryland and New York. The Associated Press reported at least 11 people were found dead in basement apartments in New York City.

Dams and levees failing. The most notable example of this in recent history would be the disastrous levee breaks during 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Levees and dams fail when cracks occur, or excess pressure overtakes the dam’s ability to contain the surge of water behind it.

Snowmelts and ice dams. In areas of the country where heavy snow and prolonged freezing temperatures are common, snow and ice can build up over a winter’s time, and when they start to melt, they cause rivers of water to flow through area communities. Ice dams or ice jams happen when rivers become blocked by built-up ice being carried downstream, causing the banks to overflow.

Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when flooding or water damage makes a mess in your life.